Classes begin and end with a meditation period. The duration of a class is approximately one and a half hours for the junior and adults classes and one hour for the family classes. Although a uniform is required for students holding grades, for the first month beginners may wear clothes that are comfortable.

Each class begins with a light cardiovascular warm-up, stretching, exercises and training in basic techniques. Difficulty is based on the student’s intensity and fitness expectations. The class is designed to be appropriate for all shapes, sizes and ages. After a short break, the second half of the class will cover one of the following topics:​
​Advanced Techniques
Prearranged Drills

While our format is formal, the learnig envirionment is enjoyable and team-oriented. We belive that thinking critically is key to developing as a student and encourage questions during discussion periods. Special training is also offered at special events, which may include:

Family Classes
Advanced Clinics
Weapons Training