Kobudo is a martial art utilizing ancient Okinawan weapons and tools as a means of defense and offence.

Shinkin Taira (1902-1970) formalized a system of study to preserve the ancient weapon art forms that were present at the time in Okinawa. He referred to his style as Ryukyu Kobudo since his studies had gathered kata and techniques from the Ryukyu chain of Islands in Okinawa. His style is also generally referred to as the Taira Style of Kobudo.

The Kobudo program at Sekikai Martial Arts follows the Taira Style of Kobudo. The weapons presently taught are bo (six foot staff), Tonfa, Sai, and Kama (sickle). The classes concentrate on basics, kihon kumite (prearranged sparring drills with a partner), and kata (individual forms).