Seiki means "true spirit". At Seikikai Martial Arts we teach the true spirit of the martial arts. The programs are based on character building, understanding the application of techniques, self defense and fitness. Tournament competition, while recommended as a learning experience is not compulsory.
Seikikai Karate is based on Wado Kai karate. Sensei Borda has enhanced the cirriculum with aspects of Shito Ryu karate, as well as techniques he learned from his Aikido and Judo training.

Wado-Kai is a Japanese karate style founded in 1934 by Hironori Otsuka. Wado, meaning "way of harmony", is one of the four major Japanese karate styles, and is perhaps the purest form of Karate-Do. It is steeped in classical budo (Code of the Samurai) as Mr. Otsuka applied this outlook and experience to his teaching. He rejected hardening certain parts of the body, such as callusing the knuckles of the hand, believing it to be a useless preparation. The aim of Wado-Kai Karate is perfection of technique as well as development of a mind that is tranquil, yet alive. Also the aim is to develop the ability to react intuitively and without hesitation in any situation. The training and concentrated effort required in Wado-Kai helps the student acquire inner strength and calmness of character. Students also learn the virtues of self-control and true humility.

Karate-Do for Mr. Otsuka was primarily a spiritual discipline. In his own words: "Violent action may be understood as the martial arts, but the true meaning of martial arts is to seek and attain the way to peace and harmony". Basics such as punching, kicking, blocking, guarding, striking, and joint twisting, as well as pre-arranged and free-style sparring comprise the training foundation of Wado-Kai. Equally emphasized and fundamental to Wado is taisabaki (body shifting to avoid the full brunt of an attack) a technique derived from Japanese swordsmanship. Wado-Kai Karate is ideal for all body types and age groups due to its versatility. The study of karate is a rewarding and enriching experience.

Members can train at any of the locations affiliated with Seikikai Martial Arts.
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